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Clutter can be consuming and overwhelming

That being said, it can be hard to get a handle on things sometimes.  With a couple of simple and easy steps, you can bring order and peace to the spaces in your home and into your life.  If this sounds like what you need, then the Basics of Organizing course is what you are looking for.

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Tammy Trayer


There is always something to learn and reminders are always good.  I too am an organizationally-minded person and thrive when things are orderly.  Living in a tiny home requires great devotion to thoughtful organization and everything having a special home. So thank you Dianna for the reminder about adding containers in the drop zones!!  

Tammy Richards - Blogger at

I loved Dianna's lesson! I have sought organizational help for years, only to be disappointed. Dianna gave me a fresh point of view! Two pieces of advice really stood out to me. The first was not to fight your natural tendencies. Secondly, to place items where you would look for them. These two concepts have already helped me greatly! Thank you, Dianna!
PS It is the total truth!! I was actually surprised that I gained from her video - not that I don't think she is awesome. I have just tried so many things over the years that haven't worked!