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Learn how to cook & bake from scratch, garden, preserve, blacksmith, build a cabin, survive in the wilderness, knit a hat or scarf...  There is something for everyone.

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A 3-ring notebook is recommended to organize the printables and handouts you will receive for each course.

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You don't need to do this alone.  Not only do you have access to us, but you will be able to join like-minded homesteaders from around the world!  You will gain encouragement and inspiration from one another and have the reassurance that you are not having to do this alone!

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As we progress there will be bonuses and special offers coming your way, but you will also have access to discounts on all of our favorite brands and items we use here on our homestead.

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We feel questions are an important part of learning.  We will be hosting a live Q & A monthly to assist all members with the questions they may have as they go through the varied courses that are available.

"Knowledge is not power until it is put into action..."

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I found Trayer Wilderness quite a few years ago. Tammy's passion for what she was doing was obvious. She shared about their life and how they lived without sugarcoating anything. I absolutely appreciated that. I also loved getting a glimpse into the tiny upstairs loft where she would do many of her segments.

I have taken her Bread Baking 101 class, even though I used powered equipment to mill and knead my dough (still do), it was great to learn how to make bread without all that.

When she began doing her live broadcasts, on Facebook and then YouTube, it was great to be able to interact with her along with the others who joined. Those times were filled to the brim with great information and insight, and also her great love for each one who was there from across the country, and around the world. You never knew when the Mountain Man might pop in and make everyone laugh, and maybe even cause Tammy to blush.

I am so excited for her new Membership and all the new skills and classes she will offer. Tammy is a dynamic woman with a heart as big as Texas. I thank the Lord for pointing me in her direction those many years ago.

Dianna Bradley
Georgia, USA

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  • Discounts for all the brands and items we use

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